Mercy Christian Counseling Institute

Equipping the Called

Temperament Therapy and the Arno Profile System

Temperament Therapy is a type of Christian counseling that identifies the God-given, inborn temperament of an individual. This is a person's  internal wiring or "spiritual DNA."  Your training through Mercy Christian Counseling Institute (MCCI) will solidify your understanding of human temperament and how the needs of the temperament are expressed in thought, emotions, and behavior. This inner knowledge of the person provides a base upon which to choose appropriate counseling strategies. You will guide your clients to meet their inborn needs in godly ways, bringing peace and change.

The Arno Profile System (APS)  is the proprietary assessment instrument that identifies inborn temperament via a simple questionnaire that clients take online. The report that a counselor generates from this input gives a comprehensive listing of the inborn temperament traits of the client which will guide the counseling process.

All programs of MCCI include training in the interpretation and use of the APS report.